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Laser hair removal simplifies your life and can give you the smooth look you want. Both men and women may opt for laser hair removal simply because it’s a state-of-the-art method of hair removal that is suitable for large areas of the body as well as smaller ones.  

What can I expect?


Short Treatment Time
High-Speed Integrated Vacuum Assisted Technology reduces treatment time by using a large 22x35mm spot size. Back or legs can be treated in 10 minutes or less. In addition, there is no prep time and no cooling or anesthetics required.

Comfortable Treatment
High-Speed Integrated Vacuum Assisted Technology uses a unique vacuum mechanism that activates the skin's tactile and pressure receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain. ChillTip™ Technology improves patient comfort by cooling the skin prior to treatment and continuously cooling it throughout the treatment.

Long Lasting Results
The LightSheer technology by Lumenis has been validated in numerous clinical studies and peer reviewed articles.  Our customers benefit from the LightSheer DESIRE features and enjoy high patient satisfaction.

 What can laser hair removal target?



Under Arms




Bikini Line

Ingrown Hairs 

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