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The autologous or Platelet Rich Plasma mesotherapy is the natural non-invasive procedure your face may need in order to look more youthful and bright.

Mesotherapy is a widely used facial rejuvenation technique based on the infusion of important substances such as vitamins, in the skin.
During the autologous mesotherapy or PRP, the doctor injects a material that comes from our own body, after a thorough preparation.

The treatment is biocompatible, as instead of synthetic materials, the doctor takes advantage of autologous plasma and growth factors of platelets coming from the patient’s own blood. They stimulate the natural mechanism of healing. Moreover, the results of this method last longer than the ones of the traditional mesotherapy, thanks to its autologous effect. Whereas any synthetic materials are absorbed by the body within 2-3 months, autologous mesotherapy lasts up to 6 months.

How is autologous mesotherapy performed?


At first, the doctor takes a small amount of your blood (with a normal blood test) and then centrifugates it and separates out the red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets. The plasma is rich in platelets which are then stimulated in order to release a huge amount of growth factors which lead to facial rejuvenation and skin firmness when this special plasma is re-injected in its surface.

What are the results the patient will notice after the PRP mesotherapy procedure?


The autologous mesotherapy is the ideal anti-aging technique which helps us keep a healthy, glowing skin. The PRP method protects it from the damages that time and environment cause. Moreover, it boosts collagen and elastin production and it increases the cells’ metabolism. This results in:

Prevention and smoothing out of any wrinkles


A radiant and firm skin

Reduction of hyperpigmentation

Improvement of the orange peel look and cellulite prevention

Treatment of skin laxity

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